Outdoor Solutions

Most of our products can be made for outdoor. Just let us know your requirements

Outdoor Flags, Tents, A-Frames, Bubble Posters, and Outdoor Brandcusi Stands

Outdoor Flags

Standing between seven and fourteen feet high, our outdoor flags stay looking great longer.  Different from many other outdoor flags, we print  on both sides using a dye sublimation process that displays your message from all viewpoints and allows the banner to retain it’s color and clarity through excessive moisture and sunlight.  The heavy scissor base and strong flexible pole ensure durability through all types of weather and ensure your flags stay looking fresh longer.   Outdoor flags are available in either a teardrop or blade silhouette, and in three different heights:  7′, 10′ or 12′.


Our four-season outdoor tent offers a quick solution for an easy to setup, high-quality promotional canopy.  Tents are constructed with a lightweight coated steel frame and a polyester fabric that is 100% UV resistant and repels water and fire.  Graphics are printed using our full color match dye sublimation process that exudes a professional and polished appearance.  Poles are adjustable to accommodate various heights, and optional back or side panels are available to create your desired environment.


The a-frame display is an ideal solution for advertising your latest announcements or events at restaurants, trade shows, sporting events, retail stores, or anywhere you want to promote your message to people walking by.  Graphics are printed using our superior dye sublimation eight color match process, and can be easily swapped out for your varying marketing messages. Available in a wide range of options, with rounded or straight corners.

Bubble Posters

The Brandstand™ outdoor bubble poster is a best-in-class display product, offering portability, durability, superior graphics all while being easy to setup.  Built to handle both indoor usage or the outdoors with wind, rain or sun, our bubble posters are longer lasting and more versatile than the competition.   Graphics fit snugly over the lightweight aluminum frame, and won’t make flapping noises in the wind.  When you’re ready to change out your graphics, simply order a replacement sleeve and swapout takes 3 minutes.

Outdoor Brandcusi Stand

BrandStand™ was challenged by the market place to design a display stand that replaces the tired and over-used pop-up banner stand.  Brandcusi can be turned into a light box, elegantly display products or simply message your marketing message on a new form factor that breaks the monotony of exhibition pop-up displays.   Dual-sided zip up graphics are lightweight, 100% wrinkle-resistant fabric and available in three different shapes:  straight, angled or curved.